BuyOneCase(We are for real. Real Cute, Real Tough.)
Our shop is mainly engaged in the current fashionable mobile phone cases, iPhone series, Galaxy series and Sony series, from the pattern to the meaning, all carefully planned.

Lightweight, drop-proof, bare-metal hand feel, brand-new all-inclusive camera design, all-round protection of the phone, practical and stylish.

Whether you are minimalist, fashionable, sexy wild, independent, whatever you like, we have it all.

We believe in self-expression very much, so we want to reflect this for those dreamers and organizers who are looking for the best mobile phone cases!

In the future, we will, as always, bring you an unconventional confidence and strength with the original intention of original design.

Don't blink, we still have something we think you will like.

【Outline of the Company】

Business number: BuyOneCase!

Startup: March 2020

Establishment: March 2020

Location: China shanghai

Comprehensive response email response

(Business hours: AM9:00~PM18:30 Monday to Sunday)

E-Mail: sales@buyonecase.com

Number of employees: 16


1. All purchase procedures, please continue after confirmation, please do not pay without authorization.

2. Please contact us if you don't understand.