To new users

How to shop

If you're new to shopping online and don't know how to do it, please take a look. If you have any questions, please contact us. ■ E-Mail:

"Purchase shopping cart" order

1. If you access our website, please click "Purchase" or "New registration (free)".

2. If you are a member, as soon as you can enter your ID number and password. (If you are a non-member, please complete the membership registration) and you will be automatically returned to the website.

3. If you select "Add to shopping cart" from the products you want to purchase, the "Shopping cart products" screen will appear.

4, you can modify the quantity of purchased items. After checking the quantity, select "Next" or "I want to continue purchasing". Alternatively, you can select "Cancel".

5.If you are asked to "Next", click "I want to continue purchasing" or "Next". Please enter your personal information on that screen. Fill in the "I want to continue buying" pushbutton so that the customer can buy more.

6. If you select "Next", please check your information and click "Order". We will ship the item based on the contents recorded in "Order".

7. Please send money to the designated bank account. We will ship the item as soon as we can confirm the payment.